at 942 Maple Street - Hendersonville, NC 28792
Full Day
5 hours or more
Half Day
Up to 5 hours
Full day and Half Day Package Rates Available


at 942 Maple Street - Hendersonville, NC 28792
bathing and nails
Pricing based on size and breed of dog and services needed.

Daycare Price sheet and attendance requirements

For A Dog's Day Out and A Dogs Night Inn
NOTE: hours and days for daycare at each location are different. 

Download "Daycare2023 New Rates (2).pdf"

Overnight Lodging Rates

Basic Boarding

1st Dog Standard Room
(base rate) Per night one dog in our standard size kennel based on dog size.
2nd Dog Standard Room
additional rate per night for additional family dog sharing the same room/kennel
1st Dog Large Suite
(base rate) Per night one dog in our Large size kennel suite (limited to large & medium breed pets)
2nd Dog Large Suite
additional rate per night for additional family dog sharing the same room/kennel
Additional per night, per pet during major Holidays / Holiday weekends, Dates listed below. 

Additional Rates

Puppies from 16 weeks  to 6 months old, must have all required vaccinations
add $5 per night
Non Spayed/Neutered
6 Months or older
add $10 per night
House food
Pet food provided by us
$3 small dog $5 medium/large dog per night

Departure Baths

Departure bath consists of a basic bath with a shampoo/conditioner with blow dry, Note: long hair breeds will still have coat shedding issues with a basic departure bath. Deshed is additional cost to the basic bath. Nail trim and Ear cleaning are added services.   
Departure Bath Weight / Price range
  • 5-20 lbs $25 +/-
  • 21-35 lbs $35 +/-
  • 35-50 lbs $45 +/-
  • 51-70 lbs $55 +/-
  • 71-99 lbs $65 +/-
  • 100lbs + $75 +/-
Nail Trim
Ear Cleaning
De-Shedding Treatment Upgrade
$15 +/-
Holiday and Peak season/weekend boarding fees: ($5 per night per pet additional charge) additional dates may be added.

Spring Break 2024 - 3/22 to 4/1
Memorial Day - 5/24 to 6/4
July 4th - 7/1 TO 7/8
Labor Day weekend - 8/30 to 9/4
Thanksgiving  - 11/24 to 12/2
Christmas and New Years - 12/20 thru 1/3/2025

Contact us for a quote on extended stay boarding

What we provide
We provide beds or floor deck depending on your pets needs and size, stainless steel water  & food bowls, also have slow feeders bowls if needed. We also can provide blankets, toys. We can also provide food at an addition cost BUT for your dogs comfort and to minimize digestion issues we prefer you supply your dogs food.
What you need to bring for your pup
We request you bring your dogs own food and medications, (feeding & medication info) you can also bring 1 bedding item and 2 toys per pet.
All pets must be current on their Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella vaccines and  be on a flea and tick preventative. We must have proof of vaccines on file with us prior to your pets stay.


Daycare/Boarding sign up form/agreement

Only use this form if you are unable to use the online registration/sign up process.

Download "DaycareAndBoardingAgreement11_19.pdf"

Bathing/Grooming Agreement Form